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Y9C52 Force10 S60 DP 12GB QSFP STK Module by DELL

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PB-2OC3-ATM2-SMIR 2-Port OC-3 STM1 ATM2 IQ PIC Single Mode Ir by Juniper

PB-2GE-SX En Physical Interface Card Expansion Module 2 Ports by Juniper

PA-MC-2T1 7000 2port Multichannel T1 Port Adapter W/ CSU/DSU by Cisco

NM-4A/S 4 Port Async/Sync Serial Network Module by Cisco

YCJY2 Force10 LC-EG3-1GE-24P 1GBPS 24 Port SFP Gigabit Ethernet Line Card by Dell

X0GYH 24 Ports SFP Gigabit Ethernet Card For Force 10 LC-EF3-1GE-24P E300 by Dell

WS-X6824-SFP-2T= 24-Port 1 Gigabit SFP Fiber Ethernet Module With DFC4 – Expansion Module – Gigabit LAN – 24 Ports by Cisco

S55-10GE-2S Force10 Networks 2 Port 10G SFP+ Optical Module by DELL

S50-01-12G-2S Force10 Networks 2-Port 12 GBPS Stacking Module by Dell

S50-01-10GE-2P Force10 Networks 2 Port 10 GBE XFP Module by Dell

S50-01-10GE-2C Networks 2-Port 10 GBE CX4 Module by Force10

NS-ISG-TX4 Networks 4-Port I/O Module 4 Port Mini GBIC-TX by Juniper

NS-ISG-SX4 Expansion Module 4 Ports by Juniper

NS-ISG-GB4 Networks ISG IO Module 4X Minigbic 1GB/S by Juniper

NP-4T 4-Port Serial DB-60 NP Module by Cisco

NM1WD 4 Line-Rate Fixed 100MB/1GB/10GB Base-T Ports (Supports Auto-Negotiation) Supported I/O Module by Dell

NM-CEM-4TE1 4-Port Circuit Emulation Over IP T1/E1 Network Module by Cisco

NM-4T1-IMA 4Port 1.5Mbps T1 ATM Network Module with IMA by Cisco

SPA-2XCHOC12/DS0 2-Ports Channelized OC12/DS0 Shared Port Adapter by Cisco

PA-MC-4T1 Integrated CSU/DSUs 4 Port Multi Channel T1 Port Adapter Expansion Module by Cisco

PA-4R 4-Port Token Ring Port Adapter 4 x Token Ring LAN Port Adapter by Cisco

P-4FE-TX 4 Port Fast Ethernet PIC Module 4 x 100Base-TX by Juniper

P-4E1-RJ48 4-Port E1 Port Interface Card by Juniper

P-4CHDS3-QPP Networks 4 Ports Channelized DS3 IQ Physical Interface Card Expansion Module by Juniper

P-1OC12-SON-MM Network Ipolb2kdaa 4 Port Sonet/Sdh Oc12/Stm4 Pic by Juniper

SPA-2XOC48POS/RPR 2-Port Oc48/Stm16 Pos/Rpr Shared Port Adapter by Cisco

SPA-2XOC3-POS-V2 2-Port OC3/STM1 POS For Data Networking, Optical Network 2 x OC-3/STM-1 Optical Fiber 19.44 MB/s OC-3/STM-1155.52 Mbit/s by Cisco

SPA-2XOC3-POS 2-port OC3/STM1 POS Shared Port Adapters by Cisco

PC-4OC48-SON-SFP Sonet/Sdh Sfp Module by Juniper-4-Port

PB-4T1-RJ48 Juniper Networks 4-Port T1 RJ48 Module PIC M/T by ​

PB-4OC3-SON-SMIR 4-Port OC-3C/STM-1 Physical Interafce Card by Juniper

PB-4OC3-SON-MM Networks M160 4-Port OC3 MM PIC by Juniper

PB-4OC12-SON-SMIR Port Sonet,Sdh Oc12,Stm4 Pic, Sm,Ir by Juniper-4

PB-4GE-SX 710-003734 4 Port Gigabit Ethernet PIC by Juniper

PB-4E1-RJ48 Networks 4-Port E1 PIC by Juniper

PB-4DS3-ATM2 Networks 4 Port DS3 ATM2 PIC by Juniper (Refurbished)

VWIC3-2MFT-G703 2-Port Third-Generation Multiflex Trunk Voice/Wan Interface Card G.703 by Cisco

T320-FPC2 Port Ipc9ablaaa 710-007531 Flexible Pic Concentrator For T320 by Juniper-2

SM-X-4X1G-1X10G 4-Port Gigabit Ethernet Or 1-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet SFP Module by Cisco

RX-BI4XG 10 Gigabit Lan 4 Port Expansion Module by Brocade

PE-4GE-TYPE1-SFP-IQ2 Type1 Gigabit Ethernet IQ2 Pic by Juniper-4-Port

PE-4FE-TX 4 Ports Fast Ethernet PIC 100 Mbps Fast Ethernet by Juniper

WS-U5534-GESX Dual Port 1000BaseSX Uplink Module for Supervisor III by Cisco

WS-U5533-FEFX-MMF Dual Port 100BASEFX MMF Uplink For Catalyst 5000/5500 Supervisor Engine III by Cisco

WS-SVC-WISM-1-K9 Catalyst 6500 Wireless Services Module (WiSM) by Cisco

SPA-4XT-SERIAL 4-Port Serial Shared Port Adapter 4 x Synchronous Serial by Cisco

SPA-4XOC12-POS 4 Port OC-12/STM-4 POS Shared Port Adapters by Cisco

SPA-4X1FE-TX-V2 4-Port Fast Ethernet (TX) Shared Port Adapter by Cisco

XXMR0 2-Port 12g Stacking Module by Dell

XLR1202SX-A Bay Network DJ1404025 2 Port Gigabit Bay Network by Nortel

XGM2-2XF Force10 Networks S50-01-10ge-2p 2-Port 10 Gbe Xfp Module by Dell (Refurbished)

WAI-E1C-4BNC 4-Port E1Circuit Emulation Interface Port Adapter Module by Cisco

VHRFJ 4-Port 10 GBE Line Card For E600/E1200 by Dell

THGV3 2-Port 10G 4-Port 1G Uplink Module by Dell

T6W0J FN410S I/O Module,4-Ports Of Sfp+ 10gbe Connectivity, Supports Optical And Dac Cable Media For Fx2 Chassis by Dell

T640-FPC3-ES 4 Port Flexible PIC Concentrator For T1600/T640 by Juniper

SSM-4GE= Asa 5500 Four-Port Gigabit Ethernet Module by Cisco

SSM-4GE Asa 5500 Four-Port Gigabit Ethernet Module by Cisco

S55-12G-2ST ​S55-12G-2ST Force10 Networks Two-Port 12G Stacking Module For S55 Switch by ​Force10

Y9C52 Force10 S60 DP 12GB QSFP STK Module by DELL

Y97FJ Force10 SA-01-10GE-2P 2 Port XFP Module by Dell

SPA-4XT3/E3-V2 4-port Clear Channel T3/E3 Shared Port Adapter, Version 2 by Cisco

WS-X6904-40G-2TXL Catalyst 6900 Series 4-Port 40 Gigabit Ethernet Fiber Module with DFC4XL – 4 x Expansion Slot by Cisco

WS-X6904-40G-2T 40 Gigabit Ethernet Interface Module – 4 x CFP by Cisco

WS-X4904-10GE 4-Port Wire-Speed 10 Gigabit Ethernet (X2) Half Card – Expansion Module – 4 Ports by Cisco

WS-U4504-FX-MT Catalyst 4000 EN 4ports 100FX Uplink Daughter Card by Cisco

WAI-T1C-4RJ48 L1010/8510 4port T1 Circuit Emulations Services (CES) Port Adapter Module W/RJ-48 Connectors by Cisco

X330STK Network Stacking Module by Avaya

WS-X6K-SUP1A-PFC Supervisor Engine 1A and Switch Fabric Module – 2 x GBIC by Cisco

WS-X6K-SUP1A-2GE Catalyst 6000 Supervisor Engine1A, Enhanced QoS, 2GE by Cisco

WS-X5550 Supervisor Engine III G – 2 x GBIC Uplink by Cisco

WAVE-10GE-2SFP Expansion Module – 2 x SFP+ 2 x Expansion Slots by Cisco

VWIC3-2MFT-G703= 2-Port Third-Generation Multiflex Trunk Voice/Wan Interface Card G.703 by Cisco

SRX-GP-2XE-SFPP-TX 2 Port 10GBE SFP+ / 10G Base-T Cpnt Copper XPIM For SRX Platforms by Juniper

SPA-2XT3/E3-V2 2-port Clear Channel T3/E3 Shared Port Adapter, Version 2 by Cisco

PB-1OC48-SON-SMSR Sonet/Sdh Oc-48/Stm16 Pic, Sm Sr For T640/T320/M1 by Juniper-1-Port

SPA-2XOC12-POS 2 Port OC12/STM4 POS Shared Port Adapters by Cisco

SPA-2XCT3/DS0 2 Port Channelized T3 to DS0 Shared Port Adapter by Cisco

NT5S02BAE5 Business Ethernet Switch 210-48t Switch 48 Ports Managed Stackable by Nortel

NT5B42AAAA Bcm 4pt Clid W/16pt Digtl Station Media Bay Mod by Nortel

SM-2GE-SFP-CU 2 Port GE SFP Service Module by Cisco

S60-12G-2ST Force10 Networks 2-Port 12G Stacking Module by DELL

NM-4T 3600 Series 4port Synchronous Serial Module by Cisco

RNDV3 Powerconnect Dual Port 10GBE CX4 Stacking Module by Dell

PKY49 Force10 12g Dp Stacking Module by Dell

PE-2OC3-SON-SFP 2 Port OC-3/STM-1 Physical Interface Card,2 X OC-3/STM-1 by Juniper

PE-2OC3-ATM2-MM 2-Port ATM2 IQ OC-3/STM-1 Module For M5 And M10 by Juniper

PE-2OC3-ATM-SMIR Juniper Single-Mode Intermediate Reach 2 Port ATM OC3/STM1 PIC For M5, M10 by ​

PD111 Powerconnect 10GE XFP Dual Port Module by Dell

NIM-ES2-4 4-Port Layer 2 Gigabit Ethernet LAN Switch NIM Module by Cisco

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