HEATSINKS for servers and Others

R1Pcr Inspiron 3656 Desktop Motherboard W/ Amd Fx-8800P 2.1Ghz Cp by DELL

You can find all kind of EOL computers

GM626 8x IDE Internal Slim Line DVD±RW Drive For Latitude D-Series by Dell

YN885 16x IDE Internal DVD±RW Drive by Dell

PR595A 16X DVD RW Double Layer Lightscribe Optical Drive by HP

H288C 8X SLIM SATA Internal Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive For Latitude E4300 by Dell

GCA-4040N 8X IDE Internal Dual Layer Slimline Carbonite DVD-RW Drive For Pavilion by HP

TR555 8X Slimline SATA Internal DVD±RW Optical Drive by Dell

818213-B21 Dl360 Gen9 SFF DVD-ROM/USB Kit Double Layer Super Multi Optical Drive by HP

41N3354 8X Ide Dual Layer Ultrabay Multi Burner DVD±RW Drive For Xseries by IBM

41N3345 16X IDE Internal Super Multi-burner Dual Layer DVD+/-RW Drive for Think Centre with Light Scribe by IBM

408684-130 9.5MM 8X Multibay Ii Ide Internal Dual Layer Slimline DVD/RW Drive by HP

405760-001 16x DVD+/-RW Double Layer Light Scribe Optical Drive For Micro Tower/Workstation by HP

581184-001 8X Sata Internal Super Multi Dual Layer DVD/RW Optical Drive With Light Scribe by HP

535817-001 12.7 MM SATA Internal Supermulti Double-Layer Blu Ray DVD±RW optical Drive For Probook Notebook PC by HP

491775-6C0 12.7MM SATA Internal Blu Raydisc Supermulti DVD/RW Optical Drive For Notebook PC by HP

481045-B21 9.5MM Serial Ata Internal Dvd Rom Drive For Proliant Dl120 Dl160 Dl165 G6 G7 Server by HP

92P6014 8X Ultrabay 2000 DVD±RW Multi Burner Drive For Thinkpad by IBM

04W1270 8X Multiburner Ultrabay Slimline 12.7 MM DVD±RW Drive For Thinkpad by Lenovo

651386-001 12.7MM SATA Internal DVD-RW Optical Drive FOR DL360 G6 G7 Servers by HP

537385-002 8X SATA Internal Super Multi DVD Rom Drive With Lightscribe by HP

536540-001 6X SATA Internal Blu Raydisc Writer Smd Optical Drive With Lightscribe For Workstation by HP

536416-001 12.7MM SATA Internal Double Layer DVD/RW Drive With Lightscribe by HP

04W1273 DVD RAM RW Drive E420 E425 E15 by IBM

403711-001 9.5MM 8X IDE Multibay IT Dual Layer Slimline DVD/RW Drive For Notebook by HP

399415-001 5.25in. Half Height 16x IDE Internal DVD-RW Optical Disk Drive by HP

QS209AA 8X DVD RW Slimline SAT by HP

J2311 8x IDE Slim Line Dvd±Rw Drive by Dell

39T2722 8X 24X IDE Internal Ultra Slim Multiburner Dual Layer DVD±RW Drive by IBM

371-1106 8 x DVD-Writer/24xCD-Writer RoHS:Y by Sun

04N5272 SCSI Internal DVD-RAM/DVD-R Drive For AS/400 E Server by IBM

BLKDH61BEB3 Chipset-H-61 Socket-LGA-1155 16GB DDR3-1333MHZ Micro ATX Bare Motherboard by Intel

BLKDE3815TYBE Nuc Thin Canyon Motherboard Ucff by Intel

398878-001 System Board For Rp5000 Point Of Sale System by HP

394191-001 System Board For Rp5000 Pos System by HP

621044-001 System Board HD5470/512MB For Pavilion DM4 Series Intel Laptop by HP

622626-001 Socket 989 Laptop Board For Pavilion DV3 4100 by HP

598225-001 System Board Discrete For Pavilion DV5 AMD Laptop by HP

MBD-X10SLV-Q-O X10SLV-Q – Motherboard – MINI ITX – LGA1150 SOCKET – Q87 – USB 3.0 – 2 X Gigabit LAN – Onboard Graphics CPU Required – HD Audio 8-Channel by Supermicro

368159-001 System Board For Proliant Ml570 G3 by HP

MBD-X10DRW-I-O X10DRW-I Motherboard LGA2011 V3 Socket C612 by Supermicro

DBS2600CWTR C612 Chipset Socket LGA2011-V3 S2600CWTR Server Motherboar by Intel

MBD-X10SAT-O X10SAT – Motherboard – ATX – LGA1150 Socket – C226 – USB 3.0, Firewire – 2 X Gigabit LAN – Onboard Graphics CPU Required – HD Audio 8- Channel by Supermicro

MBD-X10SAE-O X10SAE Motherboard ATX LGA1150 Socket C226 by Supermicro

13N0497 System Board For Blade Server Js20 W 2.2GHz 970 Micro Processors by IBM (Refurbished)

445072-001 System Board For Proliant Ml110 G5 by HP

S1200BTLRM Xeon E3-1200 Chipset-C204 LGA-1155 DDR3-1066MHz ATX Motherboard by Intel (Refurbished)

MBD-X10SRI-F-O X10sri-F-Motherboard-Atx-Lga2011-V3 Socket-C612 by Supermicro

MBD-X10SRA-F-O X10sra-F-Motherboard-Atx-Lga2011-V3 Socket-C612 by Supermicro

585918-001 System Board A- Side For Proliant Bl680c G7 Server by HP

MBD-X10DRL-I-O X10drl-I-Motherboard-Atx-Lga2011-V3 Socket-C612 by Supermicro

610091-001 System Board A Side For Proliant Bl680c G7 Server by HP

S2600WT2R Server Motherboard C612 Chipset – Socket R3 (LGA2011-3) by Intel

644498-001 Motherboard B-Side For Proliant Bl680c G7 Server by HP

DBS1400FP2 Xeon Chipset C600-A Socket-Lga1356 96GB DDR3-1600MHZ Server Motherboard by Intel

00W2046 System Board For System X3500 M4 Server. . by IBM

00D1483 Server Board Two CPU LGA2011 For System X3750 M4 Server by IBM

540-5825 Microsystems CPU/Memory Uniboard W/ 4x Us Iii Cu 900MHz 8GB Memory by Sun

540-5245 CPU/Memory UniBoard Ultra SPARC III Cu 2.3 900MHz Processor Module 8GB Memory by Sun

768702-001 System Board For Hpe Proliant Xl170r G9 by HP

801943-001 Sys Mlb W Tray Ml350e Sb G8s by HP

800362-001 System Board For Proliant Xl170r G9 by HP

DBS1400FP4 Xeon C600 A Socket B2 LGA-1356 DDR3 SDRAM ATX Server Motherboard by Intel

S2600STQ Server Motherboar by Intel

PGRP5 Pgrp5 System Board Lga1150 W/O Cpu Alienware X51 R2 Andromeda by DELL

1NYPT 1Nypt Alienware Aurora R5 Intel Desktop Motherboard S1151 by DELL

498GR 498Gr Alienware Aurora R5 Intel Desktop Motherboard S1151 by DELL

1MFK5 1Mfk5 Inspiron 20 3052 Aio Motherboard W/ Intel Pentium N3700 1.6 by DELL

JH9P6 Jh9P6 Inspiron 20 3043 All In One Motherboard by DELL

739692-002 19-2 20-2 20 Lupin Aio Motherboard W/ Intel Pentium J2850 by HP

845615-605 8845615-605 24-G Bali-U 24 Aio Motherboard by HP

848949-007 20-C 22-B 24-G Aio Hawaii-U Motherboard by HP

799346-601 System Board For 23-Q Crusher-U Aio Intel Motherboard S115X by HP

D90HM D90Hm Inspiron 24 3459 All-In-One 2.30Ghz I3-6100U Cpu Motherboard by DELL

V2FYD V2Fyd Inspiron 3263 3455 Intel Core I3-6100U 2.3Ghz Aio System Board by DELL

810605-604 System Board For 23-Q Crane-U Aio Intel S115X by HP

BOXD2550MUD2 Boxd2550Mud2 Boxd2550Dc2 Atom D2550 1.86Ghz/ Nm10/ Ddr3/ Aand by INTEL

810716-002 Envy Curved 34-A Intel Gtx 960M 2Gb Aio Motherboard by HP

811098-601 System Board For Envy X360 15-W155Nr M6-W105Dx 930M/2Gb W/ by HP

942032-601 Envy X360 Covertible 15-Aq210Nr Motherboard by HP

R1PCR R1Pcr Inspiron 3656 Desktop Motherboard W/ Amd Fx-8800P 2.1Ghz Cp by DELL

0W6FD 0W6Fd Inspiron 3250 3656 Desktop Motherboard by DELL

GN723 Gn723 System Board For Inspiron 530, 530S And Vostro 200, 400 Systems by DELL

F7N3R System Board W/O Cpu Inspiron 3646 Minitower Pc by DELL

HJH5X Hjh5X System Board For Inspiron One 2330 All-In-One Lga1155 W/O Cpu by DELL

R5CJM R5Cjm Inspiron 3252 Desktop Motherboard by DELL

WVYMC Wvymc Motherboard Intel Pentium N3700 1.60 Ghz Inspiron 325 by DELL (Refurbished)

1R0P6 Inspiron 20 I3455-3240 Aio Motherboard by DELL

JTHY5 Jthy5 Inspiron 20 3052 Aio Motherboard W/ Intel Pentium J3710 1.6 by DELL

KXN37 Kxn37 System Board For Inspiron 3646 W/O Cpu Small Desktop by DELL

DNMV1 Dnmv1 Inspiron 3250 Motherboard by DELL

RK89T Rk89T Motherboard For Inspiron 20-3048 20 Aio Intel S115X Desktop by DELL

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