Dell SFF Power Supply and others

CTI-7010-TPSMK2-K9 TelePresence Server 7010 – Voice/video/data Server – 10Mb LAN, 100MB LAN, GigE – H.239 – 2U by Cisco

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CPT-50-44GE-48E Systems Carrier Packet Transport 50 With 44XGE by Cisco

CMPT-RTX-3-1470 Compact Node Module For Optical Network, Data Networking 1 SA/APC Network Optical Fiber by Cisco (Refurbished)

CMPT-RTX-0-13 Compact Node Rev. Tx. DFB . 1310NM. 0dB by Cisco (Refurbished)

CISCO2801C/K9 CSRS, 2FE, 4Slots 2HWICS, 2PVDMS, 2AIMS,128F/384D by Cisco (Refurbished)

CIAC-GW-OP8 Physical Access Output Module by Cisco

CIAC-GW-K9 Physical Access Gateway 1 x 10/100Base-TX PoE, 1 x 10/100 Base-TX Serial, by Cisco

CIAC-GW-IP10 Physical Access Input module – DC 12 – 24V by Cisco

CBR-RF-PROT-PIC Systems The Protect RF Pic CBR by Cisco

CRS-16-LCC-B CRS 16 Slot Line Card Chassis For CRS-16/S-B – For Data Networking by Cisco

CRS-16-FC400/M CRS-X 16 Slots Fabric Card / Multi (400G) by Cisco (Refurbished)

CRS-16-FC140/S CRS Series 16 Slots Fabric Card / Single (40G/140G) by Cisco

CRS-16-ALARM-C CRS Modular Power Alarm For FD by Cisco

SV565UTPDUV USB DVI Over Cat 5E/Cat 6 KVM Console Extender-1920×1200-KVM/USB Extende by StarTech

ST12MHDLANRX Video Over IP Gigabit LAN Ethernet Receiver For ST12MHDLA by Startech

CRS-8-PW-GRILL CRS Modular Power Grill for 8 slots Chassi by Cisco (Refurbished)

CRS-8-LCC-B CRS-8 Line Card Chassis-Enhanced For CRS-8/S-B by Cisco

CRS-8-FRNT-GRILL CRS-1 Series 8 Slot Front Inlet Grill by Cisco

CRS-8-FC140/M CRS-3 Series 8 Slots Fabric Card / Multi (140G) by Cisco

CRS-4-FC140/S CRS 4 Slot Fabric Card / Single (140G) by Cisco

CRS-16-REAR-GRL CRS 16 Slot Line Card Chassis Rear Grill for CRS-16/S-B by Cisco

CRS-16-PW-GRILL CRS Modular Power Grill For 16 Slots And FC by Cisco (Refurbished)

CRS-16-PRP-6G CRS Series 16-Slot Performance Route Processor (6 GB) by Cisco

POEINJ1G -1 Port Gigabit Poe Power Over Ethernet Injector 48V / 30W – 802.3AT / 802.3AF – Wall-Mountable – 110 V AC, 220 V AC Input – 48 V Output – 30 W – Blac by Startech

CS-E340W-G32-K9 Edge 340 Generic Wi-Fi 2.4 Gband 2G Mem 32G SSD 1GE.P by Cisco (Refurbished)

CS-E340-M32-K9 Edge 340 – Digital Signage Playe by Cisco

CS-E340-G32-K9 Edge 340 Generic 2GB Mem 32GB SSD 1GBE P by Cisco (Refurbished)

CRS-LSP CRS-3 Label Switch Processor by Cisco (Refurbished)

CRS-FP140-E CRS-3 Forwarding Processor Card – Control processor – Plug-In module by Cisco

CRS-CGSE-PLIM CRS Carrier Grade Services Engine (CGSE) PLIM For Data Networking1 x Expansion Slots Physical Layer Interface Module by Cisco

CRS-AC-CAB-NA Standard Power Cord For Chassis 120V AC Voltage by Cisco

SV565UTPDUA Usb Dvi Kvm Console Extender W/ True Usb 2.0 And Audio – 500m – Kvm / Audio / Usb Extender by Startech (Refurbished)

STUTPWALLA Wall Plate Video Extender Over Cat5 With Audio-1 X 1-Wuxga-984.25f by Startech-Vga

CTI-3610-GWAM-K9 AM GW 3610 – Advanced Media Gatewa by Cisco

CTI-3241-GWISDNK9 TelePresence ISDN GW 3241 – Gateway by Cisco

CTI-320-TS-K9 TelePresence 320 Data Server by Cisco

CTI-310-TS-K9 Telepresence Server 310 – In by Cisco

CSM4-UCS2-50-K9 Security Manager UCS Bundle Network Controller by Cisco

CS-TOUCH10 Touch 10 Control Unit – Capacitive Display – LCD by Cisco

CS-POE-INJ PoE Injector -For TelePresence Touch by Cisco

CS-E340W-M32-E-K9 Edge 340 DMP Wi Fi 2G Mem 32G SSD 1GE PD E Regio by Cisco (Refurbished)

STUTPRXL VGA Over Cat 5 Extender Remote Receiver (Utpe Series) – Monitor Extende by Startech

STUTPEALR Vga Video Extender Over Cat 5 Remote Receiver With Audio – Video/Audio Extende by Startech

CTI-5320-MCU-K9 Telepresence MCU 5310 by Cisco

CTI-5310-MCU-K9 Telepresence MCU 5310 UP To 20 Ports by Cisco

CTI-4515-MCU-K9 TelePresence MCU 4515 – Video Conferencing Device by Cisco

CTI-4505-MCU-K9 TelePresence MCU 4505 – Video Conferencing Device by Cisco

CTI-4501-MCU-K9 Andberg 4501 MCU Bridge Codian 4501 by Cisco

POEEXT1GAT Gigabit Poe+ Extender – 802.3AT/AF – 100M (330FT) – Power Over Ethernet Extender – Poe Repeater Network Extende by Startech

CTI-8710-TS-K9 TelePresence MSE 8710 1 Data Server by Cisco

CTI-8510-MED2-K9 TelePresence MCU MSE 8510 Bridge – Modular – Gigabit Ethernet by Cisco

CTI-8330-GWS-K9 Systems Telepresence Serial GW Mse 8330 Blade Up by Cisco

CTI-8050-SUP-K9 MSE 8050 Supervisor Blade by Cisco

CTI-8000-VALBLK UPL MSE8023 PSU-Blank Rectifier For PWR Shel by Cisco

CTI-8000-MSECH-K9 MSE-8000-B2 Media Services Engine Chassis Bundle by Cisco

CTI-7010-TPSMK2-K9 TelePresence Server 7010 – Voice/video/data Server – 10Mb LAN, 100MB LAN, GigE – H.239 – 2U by Cisco

CVXC-6215-K9 Virtualization Experience Thin Client AMD Dual Core 1.6 GHz by Cisco

CVR-4SFP10G-QSFP 4 x SFP10G To QSFP Reverse Adapter by Cisco

CV-UHD-DMP-K9 CV-UHD Digital Media Player POE Powered by Cisco

CTS-RMT-TRC5 Tandberg TRC V Video Conferencing Remote Control () For Telepresence Systems by Cisco

CTI-VCS-EXPRESS-K9 Telepresence Video Communication Server Expressway Voice by Cisco

CTI-VCS-BASE-K9 Telepresence Video Communication Serve by Cisco

CTI-VCS-BASE Telepresence Video Communication Server 9535760 by Cisco

CTI-CNDTR-K9 TelePresence Conductor Incl 30 MCU by Cisco (Refurbished)

CTI-CMS-1000-K9 Systems Meeting Server 1000 by Cisco

J8031A Jetdirect 2900NW Print Serve by HP

GS7K-OPT-NODE Fiber Optic Node by Cisco

DX69G Intel X710-K BNDC 10GB 2-Port Blade Network Daughter Card For PowerEdge M630 by Dell

DMP-PRCASE-4310-S1 Protective Case Mount, Series 1 – Mounting Kit For AV Receiver by Cisco (Refurbished)

DMP-4400G-54-K9 Digital Media Player 4400G – Digital Signage Player by Cisco

ME4624-ONT-RGW Me4624-Ont-Rgw Me4600 Indr Rgw Ont W/ 2Xpots Fxs 4Xfe/Ge 2Xusb Wifi by Cisco

ME4601-ONT-SFU Me4600 Indoor Sfu Ont With 1xfe / Ge 1xrf by Cisco

ME1200-4S-A Me1200 Carrier Ethernet Access Device With Ac Power by Cisco

LCC/M-FC-FBR-20 CRS-1 Series Line Card Chass-Fabric Chass Fiber 20m by Cisco

LCC/M-FC-FBR-10 CRS-1 Series Line Card Chass-Fabric Chass Fiber 10m by Cisco

JL368A Aruba 8400 Management Modul by HP

JG360A HSR6800 FIP-600 Flexible Interface Platform Router Module For Data Networking by HP

NCS2K-EDRA1-26C 21dBm Erbium Doped Raman Amplifier 26dB Span – C-Band by Cisco

NCS2015-ECU Network Convergence System 2015 External Connections Unit Network Controller by Cisco

NCS-PP-100X10-LR NCS 100x10GE Patch Panel Long Reach by Cisco

NCS-1RU-ACC-KIT NCS 5500 Accessory Kit for 1RU Chassis by Cisco

NC55-24X100G-SB NCS 5500 24-Ports 100Gbps Scale Base by Cisco (Refurbished)

N2K-B22IBM-P N2K-B22-P Cisco B22 Blade Fabric Extender by IBM

N2K-B22HP-F Nexus B22 Fabric Extender by Cisco

NXA-FAN-30CFM-B Individual Fan, Reversed airflow Fan unit by Cisco

NXA-AIRFLOW-SLV Network Device Airflow Extension Sleeve for Nexus 3016, 3016q, 3048, 3048tp-1ge ,3064-e 3064pq, 3064-x by Cisco

NGA3240-K9 NetFlow Generation Appliance Generation2 by Cisco

NCS2K-MF-UPG-4 Mesh Interconnection MF Unit Upgrade 4 Degrees by Cisco

NCS2K-EDRA2-26C 21dBm Erbium Doped Raman Amplifier + Bst 26dB Span – C-Band by Cisco

NCS2K-EDRA1-35C 21dBm Erbium Doped Raman Amplifier 35dB Span – C-Band by Cisco

RFGW-X45-SUP7-E RFGW Supervisor 7-E 4xSFP+ (10/1GE) by isco

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