Desktop Motherboard and others

779132-001 Infiniband FDR Ethernet 10GB/40GB 2Port 544+ FLR QSFP Network Adapter by HP

You can find all kind of EOL computers

540-BBVM Dual Port Broadcom 57416 10GB Base-T Server Adapter Ethernet Pcie Network Interface Card Low Profil by Dell (Refurbished)

540-BBVL Broadcom 57412 10GB Dual Port SFP+ Pci-E X8 Network Adapte by Dell

540-BBVI Broadcom 57412 10GB Dual Port SFP+ Pci-E X8 Network Adapter by Dell

540-BBUS Dual Port Broadcom 57414 25GB SFP28 Rndc Network Adapte by Dell

540-BBUN Dual Port Broadcom 57412 10GB Network Adapte by Dell

555-BCKN 5N7Y5 Intel X710-DA2 Dual Port 10GB SFP PCIE Low Profile Adapter by Dell

555-BCKM Intel X710 Dual Port 10 Gigabit Server Adapter Ethernet PCIE Network Interface Card by Dell

542-BBBO X520-DA2 10GB Dual Port Network Mezzanine Card by Dell

3JYT9 Intel X710+ I350 Rndc 2X 10GB+ 2X 1GB Two Small Form Factor Pluggable Plus SFP+ Transceiver Slots Two RJ-45 Ports Quad Port Rack Network Daughter Card For Poweredge R630/R730/R930 by Dell

561T 10GB Dual Port Network Card by HP

555-BCKQ Intel X710 Dual Port 10GB Blade Daughter Card by Dell

555-BCKO Intel X710 Dual Port 10 Gigabit Server Adapter Ethernet PCIE Network Interface Card by Dell

595436-001 X520 DA2 10GB 2 Port Server Adapter by HP

46K6734 4-Port ASYNC EIA-232 PCIE 1X LP Adapter by IBM

540-BBEV Broadcom 57840S Quad Port 10GB SFP+ DAR Series Daughter Card by Dell

655917-B21 526flb Flexfabric 10GB 2 Port Adapter by HP

657129-001 526flb Flexfabric 10GB 2Port Adapter by HP

684216-B21 361FLB 2Port 1GBE Flex Fab Lom Fi by HP

7ZT7A00545 Thinksystem 1GB 4-Port RJ45 LOM Adapte by Lenovo

700063-001 Flexfabric 20GB 2-Port 630flb Adapter – PCI Express X8 – Optical Fiber by HP

90Y4578 Intel Ethernet Quad Port Serve Adapter by IBM

700697-001 Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 561FLR-T Adapter by HP

867590-B21 Quad-Ports Server Network Interface Card by HP

701528-001 Flexfabric 20GB 2-Port 630m Adapter by HP

AXX4P1GBPWLIOM Gigabit Quad Port I350-AE I/O Module Network Adapter 4 Port by Intel

702211-B21 Infiniband Fdr 2-Port 545qsfp Network Adapter by HP

G15139-002 I350T4 Server Adapter PCI Express 2.0 X4 4 Ports Network Adapter by Intel (Refurbished)

705087-001 Infiniband Fdr 2-Port 545qsfp Network Adapter by HP

705004-001 Infiniband Fdr 2-Port 545qsfp Adapter by HP

717491-S21 Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 570flr-Sfp+ Adapter by HP

717489-001 Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 570flr-SFP+ Adapter by HP

730700-001 Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 570m Adapte by HP

PIX-4FE-66 Pix 66MHz 4 Port 10/100 Cpnt Ethernet Interface Rj45 Module by Cisco

PEXUSB3S44V Port PCI Express (PCIE) Superspeed USB 3.0 Card Adapter W/ 4 Dedicated 5GBPS Channels – UASP – Sata/Lp4 Power – PCI Express X4 – Plug-In Card – 4 USB Port(S) by Startech-4

764286-B21 Infiniband QDR/Ethernet 10GB 2Port 544+ Flr QSFP Adapter by HP

764620-001 Infiniband QDR/Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 544+Flr-QSFP Adapter by HP

X1049C-R6 Quad-Port 1GB PCIE Ethernet NIC RJ45 Connector by NetApp

764738-001 Infiniband Qdr/Ethernet 10GB 2Port 544 Flr-Qsfp Adapter by HP

XXCWW Intel I350 Quad Port 1gb Blade Daughter Card For Poweredge Fc630/Fc830/M630 by Dell

X722DA4FH Quad-Port 10GB Ethernet Network PCIE 3.0 X8 Adapte by Intel

779132-001 Infiniband FDR Ethernet 10GB/40GB 2Port 544+ FLR QSFP Network Adapter by HP

X527DA4OCPG1P5 Enet Ntwk Conn OCP X527-DA4 Quad SFP+ by Intel (Refurbished)

789001-001 Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 546sfp+ Adapter by HP

X1007A-R5 4-Ports Gigabit PCI-X Ethernet Network Adapter by Netapp

789004-001 Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 562flr-Sfp+ Adapter by HP

W8X25AA Intel I350-T4 Gigabit Ethernet Card – PCI Express 2.1 x4 – 4 Ports – 4 – Twisted Pai by HP

794525-B21 Flexfabric 10GB 2-Port 556FLR-T Adapter by HP

794523-001 Flexfabric 10GB 2-Port 556FLR-T Adapte by HP

UCSC-PCIE-IQ10GF Intel X710 4-Ports 10Gbps SFP+ Network Interface Card by Cisco

7ZT7A00548 Thinksystem 10GB 2-Port Base-T LOM Adapter by Lenovo

7ZT7A00537 Thinksystem X710-DA2 Pcie 10GB 2-Port Sfp+ Ethernet Adapte by Lenovo

7ZT7A00497 Broadcom 57416 10GBASE-T 2-Port Ml2 Ethernet Adapter For Think Syste by Lenovo

7ZT7A00496 Broadcom NX-E Pcie 10GB 2-Port Base-T Ethernet Adapter for Think syste by Lenovo

7ZT7A00482 Think System SR530/SR570/SR630 X16 Pcie LP Riser 2 Kit 1 X PCI Express 3.0 X16 Low-Profil by Lenovo

SPA-4XT3/E3 4-port Clear Channel T3/E3 Shared Port Adapter by Cisco

815667-001 Flexfabric 10GB 2-Port 556FLR-T Adapter by HP

RV23K Broadcom 5720 Quad-Port Rack Network DaughterCard by Dell (Refurbished)

817719-001 Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 535FLR-T Adapter by HP

QLE3044-HPE QLE3044-E NC375T Quad Port Gigabit PCIE Server Adapter by HP

QLE2564-NAP 4-Port 8GB Fibre Channel Protocol Target/Initiator Adapter With PCIE Interface by NetApp

QL41234HLCU-CK Quad Port 25/10GBE SFP28 Pcie Adapter (L2+Roce+Iwarp) Channel Ki by Qlogic

817743-001 Ethernet 10GB 2-Port 562FLR-T Adapter by HP

QL41134HLCU-CK Quad-Port 10GBE SFP+ Pcie Adapter (L2+Roce+Iwarp) Channel Ki by Qlogic

817751-001 Ethernet 10/25GB 2 Port 640SFP28 Network Adapter by HP

N2XX-ABPCI03 Broadcom NetXtreme iSCSI Host Bus Adapter – 4 x RJ-45 – PCI Express x4 – 1 Gbps by Cisco

866467-B21 Ethernet 10GB 2Port 568FLRSFP+ Media Module Adapte by HP

866464-B21 Dual-Ports 1GBPS 368FLR-T Media Network Adapter by HP

8F6NV X520 Dual Port Mezzanine Network Card For M Series Blades by Dell

872162-001 Ethernet 10GB 2Port 568FLR SFP+ Media Module Adapte by HP

94Y5231 Broadcom Netxtreme II ML2 Dual Port 10GBE SFP+ Adapter by IBM

H7B76A MC990 Quad-Ports 1GBPS 1000Base-T Network Adapter by HP

94Y5233 Broadcom Netxtreme I Ml2 Dual Port 10GBe Sfp+ For System X by IBM

GRFM3 Quad-Port 1000base-X Ethernet X4 Pcie Network Interface Mezzanine Card by Dell

AOC-CGP-I2 Intel Ethernet 2 Port Gigabit Card Intel Ethernet by Supermicro

AM232A Dual-Ports 10GBPS 10GBase-LR PCI Express x8 Full-height Low-profile SFP+ Fabric Network Adapter by HP

A3JS Intel X520 Dual Port 10GBE SFP+ Embedded Adapter For Sysem X by IBM

AXX10GBIOMOD Network Adapter 10 GIGABIT Ethernet 10Gbase Cx4 2 Ports by Intel

AOC-CTG-I2S 10 GIGABIT Ethernet Network Adapter by Supermicro

E1G44HFBLK Ethernet Server Adapter I340-F4 Network Adapter 4 Ports by Intel

E1G44ETG1P20 Pro/1000 Et Quad Port Pci-E Server Adapter by Intel

CX354A-HPE CX354A-E Infiniband Ethernet 10GB/40GB 2Port 544+ QSFP Adapter by HP

CX324A Connectx-3 Dual-Port QDR 40GBE QSFP+ PCIE Low Profie Adapter by Dell

C3N52AA Intel X520 10GBPS 2-Ports Network Adapter by HP

BV897A 2Port 1GB Ethernet Module by HP

DH2DM Broadcom BCM57800-T 2X10GBE + 2X1GBE Base-T NetXtreme II Rack Network DaughterCard RNDC For PowerEdge R620/R630/R720/R720XD/R730/R820/DR6000 Disk Backup Appliance by Dell

EXPI9402PFBLK Pro/1000 Pf Dual Port Server Adapter Pci Express X4 1000Base-SX Full-Height, Low-Profile by Intel

E1G42EFBLK GIGABIT EF Dual Port Server Adapter PCI Express X4 2 Port 1000Base-SX Internal Full-Height, Low-Profil by Intel

E10G42BTDA-HPE E10G42BTDA-E NC560SFP 10GB 2Port Adapter by HP (Refurbished)

GMW01 Broadcom 57412 Dual Port 10GB SFP+ Pcie Adapter by Dell

G23589-251 10 Gigabit Dual Port 82599EB I/O Module Daughter Card by Intel

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