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542-BBCK Intel X520-K Dual Port 10GB KR Blade Network Daughter Card by Dell

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1230G21013313000 GM LE,42/54,RA,AGC499.25,PS,Ctd Hsg,TP by Cisco (Refurbished)

UCS-FI-M-6324 UCS 6324 In-Chassis FI with 4 UP 1x40G Exp Port 16 10Gb by Cisco

12000/6-CHASSIS 6-slot Enhanced Mechanical Chas & Backplane by Cisco (Refurbished)

1152G41033213000 GMSA HGBT,40/52,RA,CB,AGC445.25PS,Ctd Hsg,TP by Cisco (Refurbished)

15216-EF-40-ODD ONS 15216 40-Channel Mux/DeMux Exposed Faceplate Patch Panel Odd Patch Panel by Cisco (Refurbished)

12410E-CSC Enhanced Clock Scheduler Card for 12410 by Cisco

JH209-61001 7500 2.4TBPS Fabric With 8-Port 1/10GBE Sfp+ And 2-Port 40GBE QSFP+ Main Processing Unit – Switch – Plug-In Module by HP

687094-001 Mellanox 36-Ports Infiniband Fourteen Data Rate (Fdr) Fabric Board by HP

15216-MD-40-EVEN ONS 15216 40ch Mux Demux Patch Panel Even – 40 x LC/UPC – 40 Port(s) – 40 x RJ-11 by Cisco

15216-FLD-OSC ONS 15216 Optical Service Channel Optical Add/Drop Multiplexer by Cisco

NC6-FC NCS 6008 Fabric Card Spare by Cisco

N7K-C7018-FAB-1 Nexus 7000 18 Slot Chassis 46gbps / Slot Fabric Module by Cisco

15216-MD-ODD-LIC Mux demux patch panel 100GHZ ODD License restricted by Cisco

15216-MD-ID-50 Mux/Demux Plugin Interleaver Module by Cisco

15216-MD-48-ODD ONS 15216 48-Channel Mux/DeMux Exposed Faceplate Patch Panel Odd Patch panel by Cisco

N7K-C7010-F-BLANK Nexus 7010 Fabric Module Blank Cover by Cisco

N2K-B22FTS-P B22 Fabric Extender for Fujitsu by Cisco (Refurbished)

15310-MA-SA Metro Access Chassis, Backplane, Common BIC by Cisco

15305-S4.1-2-LC ONS 15305 2xSTM-4 SH 1310 nm Optical Service Module by Cisco

15305-S1.1-2-LC 15305 2xSTM-1, SH, 1310nm, Optical Service Module by Cisco (Refurbished)

15305-PP-32E1-120 32 E1 Patch Panel 120 ohm, RJ-4 by Cisco

15305-L4.2-2-LC 2-Port Optical Service Module – 2 x STM-4 by Cisco

JG798A FlexFabric 12508E Fabric Module by HP (Refurbished)

JC750A 10512 3.44Tbps Type D Fabric Module by HP

640975-001 4GB Dc4 Fabric Module by HP

15454-EAP-MF Ethernet Adapater Panel Mechanical Frame by Cisco

15454-EAP Ethernet Adapater Pane by Cisco

15454-BLANK Empty slot Filler Panel by Cisco

15310E-MA-SA 15310E MA Chassis With 120 OHMS Bits Terminatio by Cisco (Refurbished)

ANA-62022 PCI 64 Fast Ethernet 10Base-T 100Base TX 2 Ports Network Adapter by Adaptec

15454-PP-4-SMR 1RU 4-Degree SM ROADM Mesh Patch Panel by Cisco

15454-M2-SA 2 service slot MSTP shelf, includes M-SHIPKIT, M2-FTF, BRKTS by Cisco

15454-FBR-STRG Fiber Storage Shelf by Cisco

3CYRK Dual-Port 40GB/S QSFP Mezzanine Network Controller Card by Dell

15454-WXC-LIC 80-WXC -80 chs – C-Band – 10ch Licensed by Cisco

15454-WW-14 DS1 Elect IF adapters 14 SMB to W by Cisco (Refurbished)

15454-SMR2-LIC SM ROADM 2-PRE-AMP-BST 100GHZ-CBAND-10ch License Restricted by Cisco

15454-SMR1-LIC SM ROADM 1-PRE-AMP 100GHZ-CBAND-10ch License Restricted by Cisco

15454-PP-MESH-8 2RU 8-Degree Mesh Patch Panel by Cisco

15454-PP-64-LC Patch Panel Shelf – 64 Connectors – LC/UPC by Cisco

45D0166 Intel 10 Gigabit D95857 Xf Server Adapter by IBM

1122G41012114000 GMSA HGD,40/52,RA,TC,PS,Unctd Hsg,TP by Cisco (Refurbished)

636934-001 Ups Network Module Mini Slot Kit Remote Management Adapter by HP

542-BBCK Intel X520-K Dual Port 10GB KR Blade Network Daughter Card by Dell

4JRVY X540/I350 DaughterCard, 10GBE Network Card RNDC For R720XD R820 by Dell

499CR Emulex Oneconnect OCM14102B-N6-D 2-Port 10GBe Blade Daughter Card by Dell

10N9588 Thermal Management Card TPMD by IBM

1030036 Lgx-Dwdm-Mxdx 8Ch 100G Itu36-43 Dtp-Ug-Exp-La by Cisco

72442-41 -His Adapter Cable With Quick Disconnect, For Connecting Corded Headsets Directly To Avaya Phones by Plantronics

6XKVM Dual-Port 10GBE Converged Network Mezzanine Adapter For Poweredge 13th Generation Servers by Dell

68M95 Intel X710 Quad Port RNDC 10gbe DA/SFP+ Ethernet Rack Network DaughterCard, Direct Attached (4) Four Small Form Factor Pluggable Plus Transceiver Slot by Dell

687231-005 PCI Pro 10/100 ligent Card Mw by Intel

687096-001 Mellanox Infiniband Ib Fourteen Data Rat Modular Line Board by HP

674284-B21 Mellanox Infiniband Ib Fourteen Data Rate Modular Line Board by HP

64339-31 Supraplus Hw261n Binaural Accs Noise Cancelling Headset W/ MI by Plantronics

1030035 Lgx-Dwdm-Mxdx 8Ch 100G Itu28-35 Dtp-Ug-Exp-La by Cisco (Refurbished)

01-SSC-8526 Implementation Of Dell Svcs Sonicwall Tz 300/400 Appliance by Dell-Rmt (Refurbished)

C3850-NM-2-40G 2X40 Gigabit Ethernet Network Modules by Cisco

AP7732 Transfer Switch,IEC 320-C19, IEC 320-C13,2u by APC-Automatic

AIR-LAP1041N-C-K9H 802.11nFixdUnifedSP1x1500mWAP;ExtAnt;C RegDom by Cisco (Refurbished)

AIR-CAP1552WU-Z-K9 802.11n Outdoor Access Point w/WiHartGateway, DC, Z Reg Domain by Cisco

8R4VK Route Processor Module Exascale For E600I/E1200I by Dell (Refurbished)

ASR-9006-SYS ASR-9006 Chassis by Cisco

ASR-9006-BAFFLE ASR 9006 Baffle for Front-to-Back Airflow by Cisco

ASA5585-SEPTUM ASA 55585 Slot Divider for Half-Slot IO Modules by Cisco

ASA5585-S20P20-K9 ASA 5585-X Chas w/SSP20,IPS SSP20,16GE,4GE Mgt,1 AC,3DES/AES by Cisco (Refurbished)

ASA5585-S10C10-K8 ASA 5585-X Chas with SSP10,CX SSP10,16GE,4GE Mgt,1 AC,DES by Cisco (Refurbished)

APIC-SERVER-L2 Apic Appliance – Large Configurations 1000 Edge Port by Cisco

APIC-M2 APIC Appliance Medium Configuration(Upto 1000 EdgePorts) by Cisco

AP9627 Step-Down Rack-Mountable Transformer,5000VA,110V Ac,120v Ac by APC

PEX2S553 2 Port Native Pci Express Rs232 Serial Adapter Card With 16550 Uart – Serial Adapte by Startech

USB2G4LEXT2 4 Port USB 2.0 Over LAN Or Direct CAT5E CAT6 Ethernet Extender – USB Extender – 480 MBp by StarTech

ASR55-UDPC-K9 Universal Data Processing Card by Cisco

ASR-9912-DC ASR 9912 10 Line Card Slot DC Chassis w/ PEM V2 by Cisco

ASR-920-FAN-M ASR920 Fan for Modular Chassis by Cisco

ASR-920-FAN-F ASR920 Fan for Fixed Chassis by Cisco

ASR-9010-DC-HSBN1 Asr-9010-dc Chassis Bundle 1 For High Scale by Cisco (Refurbished)

ASR-9010-AC-V2 ASR 9010 AC Chassis with PEM Version 2 by Cisco

ST124UTPEA Converge A/V 4 Port VGA And Audio Over Cat 5 Video Extender – Video/Audio Extende by Startech- (Refurbished)

CBR-RF-PIC Systems The Working Through RF Pic CBR by Cisco

CBR-CCAP-SUP-160G For CBR Series Includes RP And FP Functionality by Supervisor

C92VSS-C C6509 E VSS Bundle by Cisco (Refurbished)

C4KX-FAN-R 4500-X Front-to-Back Cooling Fan by Cisco

C3850-FAN-T1 Catalyst 3850 And WLC 5760 Type 1 Fan Module by Cisco

C2921-ESG/K9 2921 SRE710 WAAS EntMedium,SEC/UC Bundle by Cisco (Refurbished)

C1921-3G+7-SEC/K9 HSPA+(non-US) 850/900/1900/2100MHZ by Cisco (Refurbished)

C1921-3G+7-A-K9 PA+N.America 850/900/1900/2100MH by Cisco (Refurbished)

ST1218T Port VGA Video Extender Over Cat 5-1 X 8-Sxga-500F by Startech-8

CPT-50-AC-LIC Carrier Packet Transport 50 With 11Port Lics HW AC PWR by Cisco

CPT-50-48E-LIC CPT 50 With 11 Ports License HW -48V PWR ETSI by Cisco (Refurbished)

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